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 Introduction about the Hippo pathway


 CRB complex

 Kinases modulators


 Adherens junctions

 Other modulators

 Hippo interactive pathway


 Introduction about hypoxia




 Nuclear signalling

 Nucleotide metabolism

 PI3K | AKT | mTOR

 Introduction about the PI3K | AKT | mTOR pathway in cancer

 PI3K | AKT | mTOR interactive pathway

 Signal transduction

 Synthesis and degradation

 Vesicle trafficking

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 Cardiac and vascular biomarkers

 Disease-related biomarkers

 Growth factors and hormones

 Ion channels

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 Tumor necrosis factors

 Introduction about the tumor necrosis factors

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 Danio rerio


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 Fusion of splenocytes with myelomas

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 Cloning of positive hybridomas

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 Class-specific affinity purification

 Antigen affinity purification

 Anti-PTM antibodies-specific procedure

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 Why label molecules?

 Coupling principle

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