Covalab team

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Scientific staff

Our scientific staff has a strong background and many years of expertise in numerous research areas such as immunology, biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, chemistry...

They are especially involved in our R&D programs, the management of all antibody development projects, as well as the development of new and innovative products.

Along with the help of our technologies and our 20-year know-how, they are able to undertake development projects of increasingly complex nature in order to meet your more precise requirements.

Sales & Marketing

Our team of sales and customer services executives are highly trained, enthusiastic and dedicated. With strong scientific and technical background, they work closely with you to give you the best assistance and guide you to make the right choice. We believe in proactive communication to ensure that your requirements and expectations are understood.

Throughout the life of your project, you can call our team at any time for advice on your project. The main aim is to help you reach the results you expect.


Our R&D team is highly trained in every technique covering monoclonal antibody production and development: from hybridoma cell culture to polyclonal antibody production, antibody labelling, isotyping, purification, conjugation and characterization.

We also have on site facilities and trained technicians for animal housing, injection and stabulation. This gives you high flexibility for your project management and assistance as well as a wide range of solutions for your immunisation strategy, animals and additionnal services.

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