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Advance notice about online payments

All bank details collected on this website are protected by « SIPS Secure » technology from Atos. We have no access to confidential data relative to your means of payment. Only BNP-PARIBAS and ATOS have access to these data (card number, expiration date…) which are inaccessible to a third party. See more informations in our Legal Notice section (in French).

1 - Create an account

Creating a personal account is required to purchase products online. This way you can not only save products in your Library to have access to them quickly at a later time, but also save your orders and consult your past orders for review. If you do not wish to create an account or intend to do it later, please see how to order products and/or services offline to do so.

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Create an account

On the home page, look at the dark gray header (top right-hand corner) and click on the link “Create an account”.


Log in

On the login or create account page, click on the button “Create an account” in the bottom right-hand corner of the left-hand window. If you already have an account, fill in the fields with your e-mail address and password, click “Login” and jump directly to step 2.


Account creation

Please fill in the required fields of the form that appears. You can give us additional information about you in order to allow us to keep you informed about communications and promotional offers relative to your specific activity.



Once you’re logged in, the website will recognise you. You will see your dashboard on the page, and your login name will appear next to “My account” on the header (top right-hand corner). It allows you to see your special member rate in the online market. Simply go to the products section and new rates will be available for your purchases.


Adress book

At this point, your billing and shipping addresses are not yet set up. Please click on the link “Address Book” from your dashboard to access the address editing form. Simply fill in the required fields and click “Save Address”.


2 - Shop your products online

If you already know which product(s) you are looking for, go to the search engine box below the navigation bar (with the magnifying glass). While you are typing your request, the most relevant results appear in the drop-down list.

Otherwise, hover the « Products » title on the navigation bar and specify the category of the product you are looking for in the drop-down menu. You can also browse our products by research area, signalling pathway or molecule super-family.

Filters on the left-hand column are here to make your navigation easier. You can narrow your research and see the corresponding products by filtering products by:

  • product type: primary antibody, secondary antibody
  • clonality: polyclonal, monoclonal, recombinant
  • target species
  • host species
  • applications
  • labels: biotin, HRP, Dylight® fluors

As soon as you find the product you wish to purchase, first select the packaging you require, and next click on “Add to cart”. A pop-in window appears asking you wether you wish to continue shopping or go to your cart to validate your purchase.

3 - Validate your cart

At any moment you can view your cart’s content by clicking on “My cart” at the top right-hand corner, in the header.

By default when you select a product from its information page, only one article is added to your cart. If you wish to buy more than one, type the quantity requested in the “Qty” column and then click “Update Shopping Cart” to update the corresponding prices.

If you change your mind and wish to delete a product from your cart, simply click the trash bin in the far right column to delete the corresponding line.

If you subscribed to our newsletter or received one of our e-mails, you may have access to promotional codes which allow you to decrease the final price of one or more products. Simply type in the code we provided you with into the “Discount Codes” field and click “Apply Coupon”. The price will be automatically updated to take the discount into account.

To estimate the shipping cost of your purchase according to your country, you can select it in the drop-down menu and click “Get a quote” to estimate the shipping fee, and then check the corresponding carrier and click “Update total” to add the fee to the grand total.

When you are ready to proceed to the payment, click on “Proceed to Payment” and follow the instructions. You will be asked to select the billing address as well as shipping address and method, and then your banking details (see “Advance notice about online payments” information above).

4 - Online follow-up

Once you order is placed, you can go back to your account by clicking “My account”. Your order will appear on your “My orders” tab with a status. At each key point of the delivery, the status of your order will be updated so that you can see at any time what is happening to your product(s).

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