Custom Immunoassay Development

Immunoassay kit development

We are specialised in immunoassay development and manufacturing as well as related services. We successfully developed commercially available immunoassays for the detection and quantification of transglutaminases in biological samples. The development of these tests requires a know-how in many areas of biology, immunology and chemistry. Our scientific staff have an expertise in test development and years of experience working with ELISA to develop and design reliable, sensitive and specific immunoassays.

If you need to detect or measure a specific target molecule, we can fully develop a quick and accurate immunoassay test (or optimise an existing assay) according to your specifications. We also propose multiple format for your kit development (plates ...).

We can develop immunoassays:

  • for immunogenicity studies to detect IgG, IgE, IgM, and other molecules to measure the immune response to a specific drug,
  • to measure proteins and peptides found in serum, plasma, urine, and cell culture fluids allowing researchers to better characterise biological systems,
  • to measure enzymes used in food processing and industrial applications for precise quality control.

For each project, we offer you a full shedule including a feasibility study and an assay development plan.

Feel free to contact our for more details or to request a quote.

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