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A genetic modifier of venous thrombosis in zebrafish reveals a functional role for fibrinogen AαE in early hemostasis

Journal: Blood Adv. (Nov 2020)
Authors: C Freire

Fer1L5, a Dysferlin Homologue Present in Vesicles and Involved in C2C12 Myoblast Fusion and Membrane Repair

Journal: Biology (Nov 2020)
Authors: R Usha Kalyani

Role of Tissue Transglutaminase Catalytic and Guanosine Triphosphate-Binding Domains in Renal Cell Carcinoma Progression

Journal: ACS Omega (Oct 2020)
Authors: B Ulukan

Vitamin B12 synthesis in mycobacteria

Journal: Ph.D. Thesis (Oct 2020)
Authors: B Czubat

Raft-like lipid microdomains drive autophagy initiation via AMBRA1-ERLIN1 molecular association within MAMs

Journal: Autophagy (Oct 2020)
Authors: J Manganelli et al.

Virulence potential of Listeria monocytogenes strains recovered from pigs in Spain

Journal: Veterinary Record (Oct 2020)
Authors: J Gomez-Laguna et al.

Phosphorylation of Toxoplasma gondii Secreted Proteins during Acute and Chronic Stages of Infection

Journal: mSphere (Sept 2020)
Authors: JC Young et al.

Hemostasis and thrombosis in zebrafish models of human congenital fibrinogen disorders

Journal: Ph.D. Thesis (Sept 2020)
Authors: C Freire Sanz

Disruption in ACTL7A causes acrosomal ultrastructural defects in human and mouse sperm as a novel male factor inducing early embryonic arrest

Journal: Science Advances (Sept 2020)
Authors: A Xin et al.

Functional Disassociation Between the Protein Domains of MSMEG_4305 of Mycolicibacterium smegmatis (Mycobacterium smegmatis) in vivo

Journal: Front. Microbiol. (Aug 2020)
Authors: B Czubat et al.

In vivo Analyse einer kardialen cAMP-insensitiven HCN4-Mausmutante

Journal: Ph.D. Thesis (July 2020)
Authors: M Helmes

Chronic Corticosterone Elevation Suppresses Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis by Hyperphosphorylating Huntingtin

Journal: Cell Reports (July 2020)
Authors: F Agasse et al.


Journal: eLife (July 2020)
Authors: J Manils et al.

Curcumin prevents chronic intermittent hypoxia-induced myocardial injury

Journal: Therapeutic Advances in Chronic Disease (June 2020)
Authors: S Moulin et al.

Polo-like kinase 1 (Plk1) is a positive regulator of DNA replication in the Xenopus in vitro system

Journal: Cell Cycle (June 2020)
Authors: D Ciardo et al.

RNA-dependent sterol aspartylation in fungi

Journal: Proceedings of the national academy of sciences (June 2020)
Authors: N Yakobov et al.

Intragenic Recruitment of NF-κB Drives Splicing Modifications Upon Activation by the Oncogene Tax of HTLV-1

Journal: Nature Communications (June 2020)
Authors: LB Ameur et al.

Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and Endocrine gland‐VEGF (EG‐VEGF) are down regulated in head and neck cancer

Journal: Clinical Otolaryngology (June 2020)
Authors: M Bouzoubaa et al.

Accommodation des peupliers aux sollicitations mécaniques répétées : localisation tissulaire et recherche d’acteurs moléculaires

Journal: Thesis (June 2020)
Authors: S Ribeiro et al.

A Na,K-ATPase–Fodrin–Actin Membrane Cytoskeleton Complex is Required for Endothelial Fenestra Biogenesis

Journal: Cells (June 2020)
Authors: M Ju et al.

Dietary serine-microbiota interaction enhances chemotherapeutic toxicity without altering drug conversion

Journal: Nature Communications (May 2020)
Authors: W Ke et al.

Regulation of the α-ketoglutarate dehydrogenasecomplex during hibernation in a small mammal, the Richardson's ground squirrel (Urocitellus richardsonii)

Journal: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Proteins and Proteomics (May 2020)
Authors: SR Green et al.

Microtubule Nucleation Properties of Single Human γTuRCs Explained by Their Cryo-EM Structure

Journal: Developmental Cell (May 2020)
Authors: T Consolati et al.

Ligand Binding to the Collagen VI Receptor Triggers a Talin-to-RhoA Switch that Regulates Receptor Endocytosis

Journal: Developmental Cell (May 2020)
Authors: J Bürgi et al.

The ABC transporter DerAB of Lactobacillus casei mediates resistance against insect-derived defensins

Journal: Applied and Environmental Microbiology (May 2020)
Authors: A Revilla-Guarinos et al.

WTAP and BIRC3 are involved in the posttranscriptional mechanisms that impact on the expression and activity of the human lactonase PON2

Journal: Cell Death & Disease (May 2020)
Authors: TM Carusone et al.


Journal: Thesis (April 2020)
Authors: KAH Franz et al.

The Prion-like protein Shadoo is involved in mouse embryonic and mammary development and differentiation

Journal: Scientific Reports (April 2020)
Authors: B Passet et al.

Chemosensory Cell-Derived Acetylcholine Drives Tracheal Mucociliary Clearance in Response to Virulence-Associated Formyl Peptides

Journal: Immunity (April 2020)
Authors: A Perniss et al.

Rosacea is Characterized by a Profoundly Diminished Skin Barrier

Journal: Journal of Investigative Dermatology (March 2020)
Authors: B Medgyesi et al.

A receptor for the complement regulator factor H increases transmission of trypanosomes to tsetse flies

Journal: Nature communications (March 2020)
Authors: OJS Macleod et al.

Emerging strategies to enhance the sensitivity of competitive ELISA for detection of chemical contaminants in food samples

Journal: TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry (March 2020)
Authors: Y Xiong et al.

Infection‐driven activation of transglutaminase 2 boosts glucose uptake and hexosamine biosynthesis in epithelial cells

Journal: The EMBO Journal (March 2020)
Authors: B Maffei et al.

A homozygous nonsense mutation of PLCZ1 cause male infertility with oocyte activation deficiency

Journal: Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics (March 2020)
Authors: F Wang et al.

Octopamine neuron dependent aggression requires dVGLUT from dual-transmitting neurons

Journal: PLOS Genetics (Feb 2020)
Authors: LM Sherer et al.

Randomized, double-blind trial of F14512, a polyaminevectorized anticancer drug, compared with etoposide phosphate, in dogs with naturally occurring lymphoma

Journal: Oncotarget (Feb 2020)
Authors: P Boyé et al.

The apoptosis inhibitor Bcl-xL controls breast cancer cell migration through mitochondria-dependent reactive oxygen species production

Journal: Oncogene (Feb 2020)
Authors: M Bessou et al.

Characterization of Drosophila Octopamine Receptor Neuronal Expression using MiMIC‐converted Gal4 lines

Journal: Journal of Comparative Neurology (Feb 2020)
Authors: H McKinney et al.

ALIX- and ESCRT-III–dependent sorting of tetraspanins to exosomes

Journal: Journal of Cell Biology (Feb 2020)
Authors: J Larios et al.

CenH3-Independent Kinetochore Assembly in Lepidoptera Requires CCAN, Including CENP-T

Journal: Current Biology (Feb 2020)
Authors: N Cortes-Silva et al.

Methods to Quantify In Vivo Phagocytic Uptake and Opsonization of Live or Killed Microbes in Drosophila melanogaster

Journal: Immunity in Insects (Jan 2020)
Authors: S Liégeois et al.

The OPR Protein MTHI1 Controls the Expression of Two Different Subunits of ATP Synthase CFo in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Journal: The Plant Cell (Jan 2020)
Authors: S Ozawa et al.

The Pkn22 Kinase of Nostoc PCC 7120 Is Required for Cell Differentiation via the Phosphorylation of HetR on a Residue Highly Conserved in Genomes of Heterocyst-Forming Cyanobacteria

Journal: Frontiers in Microbiology (Jan 2020)
Authors: B Roumezi et al.

Drosophila dTBCE recruits tubulin around chromatin to promote mitotic spindle assembly

Journal: bioRxiv (Jan 2020)
Authors: M Metivier et al.

Targeting of EGFR by a combination of antibodies mediates unconventional EGFR trafficking and degradation

Journal: Scientific Reports (Jan 2020)
Authors: S Jones et al.

R-Loop Mediated trans Action of the APOLO Long Noncoding RNA

Journal: Molecular Cell (Jan 2020)
Authors: F Ariel et al.

Interaction between tissue transglutaminase and amyloid-beta: Protein-protein binding versus enzymatic crosslinking

Journal: Analytical Biochemistry (Jan 2020)
Authors: MMM Wilhelmus et al.

GPR50-Ctail cleavage and nuclear translocation: a new signal transduction mode for G protein-coupled receptors

Journal: Cellular and Molecular Life (Jan 2020)
Authors: R Ahmad et al.