Antibody Purification Services

Why is antibody purification advised?


The combination of high specificity and huge diversity of antigen-antibody interactions has made immunoglobulins one of the most used tools in biological research to investigate the role of either characterised or potent proteins involved in all the signalling pathways which compose an organism.

Sample preparations such as antisera can be used as is for some non-sensitive applications. However, as antibodies represent only 20% of plasma proteins, they often need to be purified prior use to avoid unexpected interactions between other plasma components and target samples to be analysed.

Antibody purification involves selective separation of antibodies from other plasma components (polyclonal antibodies), or from ascitic fluid or cell culture supernatant after large scale production using hybridomas (monoclonal antibodies). We carry out various methods to purify antibodies ranging from poorly to highly specific ones.

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Physico-chemical separation

Physico-chemical separation techniques

Physicochemical separation technique involve unspecific properties of immunoglobulins such as hydrophobicity, apparent size or isoelectric point. These properties are sufficiently different from other plasma components to allow an easy isolation of the total immunoglobulin fraction from serum samples.

Learn more about our physico-chemical separation techniques.

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Class-specific affinity purification

Class-specific affinity

Upon evolution, some species of microorganisms have developed the ability to produce immunoglobulin-binding proteins which are now used routinely in purification processes. Depending on their class (M, G, A …) and the species from which they have been extracted, immunoglobulins bind differently to these proteins which should be carefully chosen.

Learn more about our class-specific affinity purification techniques.

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Antigen affinity purification

Antigen affinity

Using the antigen to bind immunoglobulins is the most specific technique to purify serum samples of cell culture medium. Not only all other components of the solution are discarded, but also non-specific immunoglobulins (e.g. endogenous antibodies from the host animal) which can’t bind the antigen.

Learn more about our antigen affinity purification techniques.

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