Recent scientific publications and reviews with Covalab products and services:

Extracellular transglutaminase-2, nude or associated with astrocytic extracellular vesicles, modulates neuronal calcium homeostasis

Journal: Progress in Neurobiology (July 2022)
Authors: E Tonoli et al.
Product/Service: ALIX Antibody (pab0204)

ATR-IR Spectroscopy Application to Diagnostic Screening of Advanced Endometriosis

Journal: Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity (June 2022)
Authors: I Kokot et al.
Product/Service: Human IL-6 ELISA Kit (Pre-Coated) (kit30195)

Comprehensive characterization of cardiovascular protection by the GLP-1 (Glucagon-like peptide-1) analog liraglutide in experimental arterial hypertension

Journal: Thesis (May 2022)
Authors: J Helmstädter
Product/Service: Asymmetric Di Methyl Arginine Antibody (21C7) (mab0004-P)

Long-lasting impact of sugar intake on neurotrophins and neurotransmitters from adolescence to young adulthood in rat frontal cortex

Journal: Molecular Neurobiology (May 2022)
Authors: MS Spagnuolo et al.
Product/Service: Nitrotyrosine Antibody (pab0188)

FGF19 is Downregulated in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and Inhibits Lung Fibrosis in Mice

Journal: American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology (May 2022)
Authors: A Justet et al.
Product/Service: GAPDH Antibody (GA1R) (mab90009-P)

Alpha-Synuclein is Involved in DYT1 Dystonia Striatal Synaptic Dysfunction

Journal: Movement Disorders (April 2022)
Authors: G Ponterio et al.
Product/Service: Synaptosome Associated Protein 23 (SNAP23) Antibody (pab0057)

Therapeutic homology-independent targeted integration in retina and liver

Journal: Nature Communications (April 2022)
Authors: P Tornabene et al.
Product/Service: Custom polyclonal antibody

The development of ADAM10 endocytosis inhibitors for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease

Journal: Molecular Therapy (April 2022)
Authors: S Musardo et al.
Product/Service: Peptide synthesis

Cathepsin D interacts with adenosine A2A receptors in mouse macrophages to modulate cell surface localization and inflammatory signaling

Journal: Journal of Biological Chemistry (March 2022)
Authors: A Skopál et al.
Product/Service: DYKDDDDK Tag Antibody (FG4R) (mab90006-P)

Microglial large extracellular vesicles propagate early synaptic dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease

Journal: Brain (March 2022)
Authors: M Gabrielli et al.
Product/Service: ALIX Antibody (pab0204)

A novel lipase with dual localisation in Trypanosoma brucei

Journal: bioRxiv (Feb 2022)
Authors: S Monic et al.
Product/Service: Custom polyclonal antibody

Sphingomyelin nanosystems decorated with TSP-1 derived peptide targeting senescent cells

Journal: International Journal of Pharmaceutics (Feb 2022)
Authors: R Jatal et al.
Product/Service: Peptide synthesis

A conditional GABAergic synaptic vesicle marker for Drosophila

Journal: Journal of Neuroscience Methods (Feb 2022)
Authors: SJ Certel et al.
Product/Service: Tyrosine Decarboxylase 2 Antibody (pab0822-P)

Type B and Type A influenza polymerases have evolved distinct binding interfaces to recruit the RNA polymerase II CTD

Journal: bioRxiv (Feb 2022)
Authors: T Krischuns et al.
Product/Service: Peptide synthesis

Recovery from cold-induced reproductive dormancy is regulated by temperature-dependent AstC signaling

Journal: Current Biology (Feb 2022)
Authors: MR Meiselman et al.

Species-targeted sorting and cultivation of commensal bacteria from the gut microbiome using flow cytometry under anaerobic conditions

Journal: Microbiome (Feb 2022)
Authors: S Bellais et al.
Product/Service: Custom polyclonal antibody

Erythrocyte transglutaminase-2 combats hypoxia and chronic kidney disease by promoting oxygen delivery and carnitine homeostasis

Journal: Cell Metabolism (Feb 2022)
Authors: P Xu et al.

Evaluation of the expression of fatty acid synthase and O‑GlcNAc transferase in patients with liver cancer by exploration of transcriptome databases and experimental approaches

Journal: Oncology Letters (Jan 2022)
Authors: S Raab et al.
Product/Service: GAPDH Antibody (mab71548)

FRIENDLY (FMT) is an RNA binding protein associated with cytosolic ribosomes at the mitochondrial surface

Journal: bioRxiv (Jan 2022)
Authors: M Hemono et al.
Product/Service: Custom polyclonal antibody

The Streptococcus agalactiae R3 surface protein is encoded by sar5

Journal: bioRxiv (Jan 2022)
Authors: MS Dragset et al.
Product/Service: GAPDH antibody (GA1R) (mab90009-P)

Transglutaminase 3 crosslinks the secreted gel-forming mucus component Mucin-2 and stabilizes the colonic mucus layer

Journal: Nature Communications (Jan 2022)
Authors: JDA Sharpen et al.
Product/Service: Peptide E51-[FITC] (opr0055-FITC)

In Vitro Evaluation of Antimicrobial Peptides from the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia Illucens) against a Selection of Human Pathogens

Journal: Microbiology Spectrum (Jan 2022)
Authors: L Van Moll et al.
Product/Service: Peptide synthesis

Homozygous mutation in SLO3 leads to severe asthenoteratozoospermia due to acrosome hypoplasia and mitochondrial sheath malformations

Journal: Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology (Jan 2022)
Authors: M Lv et al.
Product/Service: PLC-Zeta-1 Antibody (pab0367-P)