Recent scientific publications and reviews with Covalab products and services:

Novel Blood Biomarkers for a Diagnostic Workup of Acute Aortic Dissection

Journal: Diagnostics (March 2021)
Authors: A Forrer et al.
Product/Service: mab71303

Copper-Associated Oxidative Stress Contributes to Cellular Inflammatory Responses in Cystic Fibrosis

Journal: Biomedicines (March 2021)
Authors: A Kouadri et al.
Product/Service: opr1102

Fructose Removal from the Diet Reverses Inflammation, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, and Oxidative Stress in Hippocampus

Journal: Antioxidants (March 2021)
Authors: A Mazzoli et al.
Product/Service: pab0188

Phosphorylation of HIC1 (Hypermethylated in Cancer 1) Ser694 by ATM is essential for DNA repair

Journal: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (March 2021)
Authors: S Paget et al.
Product/Service: Custom polyclonal antibody

Diagnostic Significance of Selected Serum Inflammatory Markers in Women with Advanced Endometriosis

Journal: Int J Mol Sci. (Feb 2021)
Authors: I Kokot et al.
Product/Service: kit30196

Sequence-unrelated long noncoding RNAs converged to modulate the activity of conserved epigenetic machineries across kingdoms

Journal: bioRxiv (Feb 2021)
Authors: C Fonouni-Farde et al.
Product/Service: pab0923-P

The trypanosome UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase is imported by piggybacking into glycosomes where unconventional sugar nucleotide synthesis takes place

Journal: bioRxiv (Feb 2021)
Authors: O Villafraz et al.
Product/Service: Custom polyclonal antibody

Mitochondrial morphodynamics alteration induced by influenza virus infection as a new antiviral strategy

Journal: PLoS pathogens (Feb 2021)
Authors: I Pila-Castellanos et al.
Product/Service: mab10110

Comparison of Monoclonal Gammopathies Linked to Poliovirus or Coxsackievirus vs. Other Infectious Pathogens

Journal: Cells (Feb 2021)
Authors: J Harb et al.
Product/Service: Peptide synthesis

The Role of Cardiolipin as a Scaffold Mitochondrial Phospholipid in Autophagosome Formation: In Vitro Evidence

Journal: Biomolecules (Feb 2021)
Authors: V Manganelli et al.
Product/Service: pab0224

SARS-CoV-2 triggers an MDA-5-dependent interferon response which is unable to control replication in lung epithelial cells

Journal: Journal of Virology (Jan 2021)
Authors: A Rebendenne et al.
Product/Service: mab10110

Contribution of transglutaminases and their substrate proteins to the formation of cornified cell envelope in oral mucosal epithelium

Journal: European Journal of Oral Sciences (Jan 2021)
Authors: RR Roy et al.
Product/Service: mab0057-P

NSC348884 cytotoxicity is not mediated by inhibition of nucleophosmin oligomerization

Journal: Scientific Reports (Jan 2021)
Authors: M Sasinková et al.
Product/Service: pab50321

Venous Thrombosis and Thrombocyte Activity in Zebrafish Models of Quantitative and Qualitative Fibrinogen Disorders

Journal: International Journal of Molecular Sciences (Jan 2021)
Authors: RJ Fish et al.
Product/Service: pab0999-P

Marine Collagen Hydrolysates Downregulate the Synthesis of Pro-Catabolic and Pro-Inflammatory Markers of Osteoarthritis and Favor Collagen Production and Metabolic Activity in Equine Articular Chondrocyte Organoids

Journal: International Journal of Molecular Sciences (Jan 2021)
Authors: B Bourdon et al.
Product/Service: Custom polyclonal antibody