Recent scientific publications and reviews with Covalab products and services:

Elevated sleep quota in a stress-resilient Drosophila species

Journal: Current Biology (May 2024)
Authors:Yano J. et al
Product/Service: Tyrosine Decarboxylase 2 Antibody

Membrane Association of the Short Transglutaminase Type 2 Splice Variant (TG2-S) Modulates Cisplatin Resistance in a Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HepG2) Cell Line

Journal: Curr. Issues Mol. Biol. (May 2024)
Authors: Meshram D. et al
Product/Service: Specific Tissue Transglutaminase (TTG/TGase2) Colorimetric Microassay Kit : TG2-CovTest

The Extracts of Evodiae Fructus and Stephaniae Tetrandrae Radix Show Synergy in Blocking the Entry of SARSCoV-2

Journal: Altern Complement Integr Med (May 2024)
Authors: Lin S. et al
Product/Service: Two Pore Calcium Channel Protein 2 (Tpcn2) Antibody

Methylation of ESCRT-III components regulates the timing of cytokinetic abscission

Journal: Nature Communications (May 2024)
Authors: Richard A. et al
Product/Service: Custom polyclonal antibody

Mitofusin-mediated contacts between mitochondria and peroxisomes regulate mitochondrial fusion

Journal: PLOS Biology (apr 2024)
Authors: Alsayyah C. et al
Product/Service: Custom polyclonal antibody

A lineage-specific protein network at the trypanosome nuclear envelope

Journal: Nucleus (apr 2024)
Authors: E R. Butterfield et al
Product/Service: Custom polyclonal antibody

Bacteriophages avoid autoimmunity from cognate immune systems as an intrinsic part of their life cycles

Journal: Nature Microbiology (apr 2024)
Authors: Rostol J. et al
Product/Service: Custom polyclonal antibody

Modulation of the Nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2 (Nrf2) pathway by the probiotic Limosilactobacillus reuteri DSM 17938 prevents diet-induced rat brain dysfunction

Journal: Journal of Functional Foods (apr 2024)
Authors: Mazzoli A. et al
Product/Service: Nitrotyrosine Antibody

A measles-vectored vaccine candidate expressing prefusionstabilized SARS-CoV-2 spike protein brought to phase I/II clinical trials: candidate selection in a preclinical murine model

Journal: Journal of virology (apr 2024)
Authors: Brunet J. et al
Product/Service: Measles Nucleoprotein (NP) Antibody

Protective effect of astaxanthin on ANCA-associated vasculitis

Journal: International Immunopharmacology (feb 2024)
Authors: Ruo-Lan S. et al
Product/Service: Histone H3 Citrulline R2 + R8 + R17 Antibody (7C10)

Cancer Cell Biomechanical Properties Accompany Tspan8-Dependent Cutaneous Melanoma Invasion

Journal: Cancers (feb 2024)
Authors: Runel G. et al.
Product/Service: Custom polyclonal antibody