FAQ about Monoclonal antibodies

Some frequently asked questions about monoclonal antibodies (click on the question to see the answer)

  • What is the difference between monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies?
  • Which animals do you use to raise monoclonal antibodies?
  • What type of antigens can be used and how can it be supplied?
  • What is the quantity of antigen required?
  • How pure should the antigen be?
  • Should my antigen be coupled to a carrier protein?
  • My protein is tagged, do I need to remove the tag for the procedure?
  • How is the immune response determined?
  • What is a hybridoma?
  • What do you supply to me during the project?
  • Can you freeze and store the hybridomas?
  • Is it possible to supply larger quantities of antibodies?
  • What kind of yield can I expect from a production of monoclonal antibodies from hybridoma cells?
  • Do you test for endotoxins?
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