how to order products & services offline

If you don’t have access to the Internet or if you do not wish to create a personal account on our website, you are still able to purchase products and/or services offline by contacting us directly and following these next few steps.

1 - Contact


On the home page, look at the dark gray header (top right-hand corner) and click on the link “Contact” to display the contact form. Fill in the few required fields about you (name, e-mail address and phone number) and use the “Comment” field to specify the products and/or services for which you wish to get a quotation. Click “Submit” to confirm and send us your request.

By e-mail

If you are based inside the United Kingdom, please send us the informations mentioned above at the address .

If you are based outside UK, please send us an e-mail at .

By mail, phone or fax

You can also send us the required information on plain paper by post or by contacting us directly by phone. You will find our details by browsing our contact page. Please use our contact informations in UK only if you are based inside UK, otherwise please use our contact in France.

2 - Quotation

Upon receipt of your request, we will establish and send you back the quotation(s) with all the details needed about the product(s) / service(s) you enquired us about. Depending on the number of references, the complexity of your project and potential discounts offered, quotation may take from few minutes to a few hours. Unless we contact you back for further information about your request, quotations are usually sent within the current day.

3 - Purchase order

If you agree with the quotation, please send us back your purchase order via fax or email to confirm your order. Please note that we cannot start our scientific activities without your purchase order. We will inform you upon its receipt of an estimated date of shipment.

  • Fax:   +33(0) 437.289.416
  • E-mail:  

Purchase orders should be sent by fax or email mentioning the following information:

  • the reference, quantity and listed price of each article,
  • the name, phone number and billing address of the purchasing manager,
  • the name, phone number and shipping address of the recipient of the products,
  • your VAT registration number (if purchasing in European Union),
  • the date of purchase and the quotation(s) reference number if applicable.

For more information on delivery times and costs, please browse our Delivery section.

4 - Antigen Supply (Services only)

In order to provide us with your own immunogen, please download and fill in our antigen supply form. Return it to your sales representative as soon as possible, for it is conditional to the beginning of our scientific activities.

We remind you that proteins can be provided either lyophilised, in polyacrylamide gel slices or in solution at a minimum concentration of 100 µg/mL (we advise you to use PBS as buffer, or at least limit aggressive conditions such as acetic acid, urea > 6M or guanidine hydrochloride). If you experience difficulties solubilising your antigen, note that a little precipitate will not disturb the immunisation process.

Please send your immunogen to the following address, mentioning the addressee’s name:

[Addressee’s name]
13 avenue Albert Einstein
69100 Villeurbanne

5 - Delivery

As a rule, products will be shipped by TNT if your shipping address is in France, and by FedEx if it is outside of France. Packaging and shipping charges will depend on the weight, size and content of the parcel. Please note that you are responsible for all custom duty charges and fees.

Your products will be sent:

  • with an ice pack if they need to be refrigerated
  • in dry ice if they need to remain frozen

If you wish to see more informations, please browse our Delivery section. You can also refer to our Terms and conditions (in French).

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