Antibody Labelling Service

A large number of applications require antibodies to be labelled for detection. Our expertise in coupling strategies allows us to provide a full range of services of antibody labelling with various labels according to well-established procedures.

Why label molecules

Labelled antibody-based applications

Without label, antibodies are not easily detectable in immunological applications. To generate a detectable signal, antibodies need to be covalently linked to various type of conjugates such as…

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Coupling principle

Peptide conjugated to a carrier protein

The position of the label is of great importance and should not impair the antigen binding capacity of the immunoglobulin. Thanks to our expertise, we are able to…

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Available labels

Enzymes, fluorochromes or biotin as labels

Based on biochemical reactions such as specific binding, enzymatic reactions or light emission, our range of available conjugates allow you to...

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Our services

Labelling antibodies in the laboratory

To optimise the reaction parameters and avoid adverse effects on antibody immunoreactivity, preliminary studies need to be run following adapted procedures to…

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