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bubble Quality commitment

We are committed to constantly improving our products and services. We investigate all problems related to our products and services quality in order to ensure their optimal performance. We value your feedback and enquiries. If you have tested our products in novel applications do not hesitate to get back to us on your experience. We will offer you a customised discount if you share your new applications with our antibodies. We make every effort to ensure that our custom antibodies are of the highest quality. Peptide synthesis and antigen preparation are subject to rigorous quality control. The immunisation process is supervised by highly skilled immunologists, experienced veterinarians and qualified animal technicians.

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bubble Technical support

We have a technical support ready for you, if one of our antibodies does not work as described on the product datasheet. Our technical team will troubleshoot with you to get it to work. Please note that datasheets are available on a wide range of products in order to guide you step by step in your scientific projects.

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bubble Warrantly

We guarantee that all products and services comply with the specifications stipulated in our technical documentations. If a product still does not fulfill its requirements after troubleshooting, you can receive a free of charge replacement product or a full refund. In the unlikely event that an immunised animal dies during the procedure, we will replace the animal free of charge. However, please note that the customer will be required to supply further antigen at its own cost.


bubble Warrantly limitations

Due to the unpredictable nature of the immune response in host animals, we cannot guarantee an immune response to an antigen and cannot be held responsible for poor specificity. We will not be liable for any professional advice we may offer in relation with the products or services we offer. Our professional advices are restricted to guidance purposes and do not warranty results.