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Signalling Pathways and Research Areas Catalogues

PI3K-AKT-mTOR signalling pathway


The PI3K-AKT-mTOR signalling pathway is highly active in cancer cells and involves mutation or amplification of the PI3-kinase or AKT genes, as well as loss of function of PTEN protein…

Download our PI3K-AKT-mTOR-related catalogue.

Autophagy signalling pathway


Autophagy is a way that cells use for organelles recycling 1. The main process involves the segregation and delivery of cytoplasmic cargo, including proteins and organelles, for degradation by hydrolytic enzymes…

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Epigenetics includes all the heritable changes other than DNA sequence modifications that are involved in the regulation of gene expression, which can be switched on or off by specific enzymatic reactions…

Download our Epigenetics-related catalogue.

Hippo signalling pathway


The Hippo signalling pathway has recently emerged as a fundamental regulator of organ size, stem cells function, tissue regeneration and tumor development. This pathway has been extensively studied on Drosophila melanogaster, and…

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Hypoxia signalling pathway


Hypoxia refers to a deprivation of oxygen that can affect the whole body or a tissue. Low levels of oxygen have been linked to many pathological situations such as heart and brain ischemia-related diseases…

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Innate Immunity

Innate Immunity

Innate immunity corresponds to the non-specific response of the organism to pathogens and is mediated by mast cells, phagocytes, basophils, eosinophils, NK cells as well as γδ T cells.…

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Ion channels

Ion channels

Ion channels are responsible for the traffic of ions through the plasma membrane. They are expressed in various cell types such as muscles or nervous system. Their disregulation cause many diseases like renal disorder or…

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Plants are involved in many ecosystems all over the world and have an extraordinary potential in health care. Many species are still unknown, hiding their therapeutic secrets. Our antibodies will help help you in your discoveries.

Download our plants-related catalogue.

TNF signalling pathway


The tumor necrosis factor (TNF) superfamily (TNFSF) is composed of 19 structurally related proteins (ligands) that bind to one or more molecules from the TNF receptor superfamily (TNFRSF)…

Download our TNF-related catalogue (22Mo).



Viruses are microorganisms that invade higher organisms’ cells to use them as hosts and take advantage of their metabolism to develop and replicate. They use specific receptors expressed by the host cells to…

Download our Virology-related catalogue.



Custom anti-protein polyclonal antibodies

Custom anti-protein polyclonal antibodies

Proteins are the most commonly used immunogens to develop antibodies. With 30 years of experience in antibody development, we have so far managed more than 10,000 projects successfully and can bring you reliable advice to make your project come true.

Discover our complete anti-protein polyclonal antibody development service.

Custom anti-peptide polyclonal antibodies

Custom anti-peptide polyclonal antibodies

When proteins are not easily available or belong to a conserved family, using peptides to raise antibodies is the best alternative. As experts in peptide design, our anti-peptide antibodies have the best specificity for the cognate protein.

Discover our complete anti-peptide polyclonal antibody development service.

Custom anti-PTM polyclonal antibodies

Custom anti-post-translational modification polyclonal antibodies

Our expertise in peptide engineering allows us to use modified peptides as immunogens to develop highly specific antibodies. Coupled to our adapted purification procedure, you can be sure your antibody won’t bind the unmodified cognate protein.

Discover our complete anti-post-translational modification polyclonal antibody development service.

Custom monoclonal antibodies

Custom monoclonal antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies became in a few years a powerful tool for medical research, diagnosis and therapy. Our service of monoclonal antibody development includes all the required steps, from the design of the immunogen to the shipment of your cell line.

Discover our complete monoclonal antibody development service.

Custom VHH development

NEW! Recombinant VHH

From Camelids heavy chain IgG (hcIgG) it is possible to develop single domain fragment called VHH (15 kDA) and produce it on a large scale. These VHH give many advantages compared to conventional antibodies, there are more stable, more permeable and can bind hidden epitope.

Discover our complete VHH development service.

Custom antibody purification

Antibody purification

As experts in antibody engineering we master all techniques to purify antibodies and dramatically increase their specificity. We can provide you with a complete purification service starting from any antibody-containing solution.

Discover our complete antibody purification service.

Custom DNA immunization antibody

NEW! DNA immunization antibodies

Protein production is a time consuming step of classical immunization and even after a long optimization process, many protein, especially transmembrane proteins failed to give consistent results. DNA immunization allows in vivo antigen production by avoiding all protein production steps and offer better results with hydrophobic proteins.

Discover our complete DNA immunization antibodies development service.

Custom antibody purification

Peptide Synthesis

Peptides can be used not only as immunogens but also as biological molecules for biochemical applications, or as probes for protein structure/function studies. Our service is one of the most flexible in terms of length, purity, quantity and available post-synthesis modifications.

Discover our flexible peptide synthesis service.


CovaDye fluorescent labelling kits & services from Covalab

NEW! CovaDye fluorescent labelling kits & services

A new range of labelling kits and services: CovaDye labelling kits offer an easy and efficient method for the fluorescent conjugation of your antibody or molecule with a ready-to-use protocol. Whereas, custom CovaDye fluorescent labelling is the choice of an ultra-personalized service with a full range of wavelength that includes technical support advice from expert.

Download our CovaDye fluorescent labelling kits & services leaflet.

Chemiluminescence reagent Covalight®'s family;

NEW! Covalight®'s family

A full range of Enhanced Chemiluminescence (ECL) reagents, that combines a very high sensitivity and a long-term signal for your Western and Dot Blot analysis.

Download our Covalight®'s family leaflet.

ELISA / ELISpot / Fluorospot products for the quantification of cytokines

ELISA / ELISpot / Fluorospot Kits

Perform specific quantitative and qualitative analyses of cytokine (or other soluble molecule) expression in close-to-in vivo conditions. From a single pair of antibodies to a complete pack with buffers and controls, you will find…

Download our ELISA, ELISpot & Fluorospot products leaflet.

Anti-DYKDDDDK epitope antibodies

Anti-DYKDDDDK epitope antibodies

Our anti-DYKDDDDK epitope antibodies (clone FG4R and clone L5) have a very low background as well as a high sensitivity and specificity for FLAG®-tagged proteins when compared to the standard M2 clone.

Download our anti-DYKDDDDK epitope antibodies leaflet.

Anti-tag antibodies from Covalab

Anti-tag antibodies

Recombinant proteins are often engineered to be fused with a tag epitope such as polyhistidine tag, HA-tag, c-Myc tag. Antbodies have been raised against these specific epitopes and tested to work in most of common applications.

Download our Anti-tag antibodies leaflet.

Model Organisms

Covalab antibodies directed against proteins from <em>C. elegans</em>

Caenorhabditis elegans

Thanks to its remarkably invariant cell development pattern, Caenorhabditis elegans has allowed important breakthroughs in the fields of developmental biology and apoptosis…

Download our C. elegans-related leaflet.

Covalab antibodies directed against proteins from D. melanogaster

Drosophila melanogaster

Drosophila melanogaster (the so-called fruit fly) has been a popular model organism in scientific research for over a century, especially in genetics and developmental biology…

Download our D. melanogaster-related leaflet.

Covalab antibodies directed against proteins from D. rerio

Danio rerio (Zebrafish)

The zebrafish is a widely-used vertebrate model organism in scientific research, for the high similarity between human and fish signaling pathways make work on this particular species very interesting, especially in developmental biology and…

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