Thanks to our expertise in the fields of peptide design, synthesis and modification, we provide a high-quality peptide synthesis service, including a wide range of chemical modifications.

Our peptides are synthesized using solid-phase Fmoc chemistry and fully automated multiple peptide synthesizers.

We provide synthetic peptides with a large range of purity levels, amounts and N-terminal, C-terminal or side chain chemical modifications.

Reversed phase HPLC and mass spectrometry data are supplied with every peptide to verify peptide composition and purity.



Lenth Quantity Purity


From 3 up to 50 AA.

Peptides longer than 50 residues may be synthesized upon specific conditions (please contact us).


Our equipment allows us to produce down to 1 milligram and up to several grams of peptide.


From moderate (>70%) to high (>95%) purity level by 5% increments.

Very high purity (>98%) level may be reached on request for specific applications.

Peptides are also available as crude.




In addition to the conventional proteogenic amino acids, we can incorporate special forms of these residues such as α- or β-homo amino acids or D-form residues, as well as unnatural residues such as citrulline or pyroglutamine.

We can also bring very precise chemical modifications such as:

  • Addition of one or several functional groups (acetylation, phosphorylation…)
  • Labelling with a probe
  • Coupling to a carrier protein
  • Alteration of structure (cyclisation, disulphide bonds…)