Antibody Development Projects

Many biological molecules are still to be discovered and/or characterised. Whatever the one you want to target in your immunological applications, we have 20 years of experience, strongly proven procedures and high-tech equipment to develop almost any antibody you might need.

Antibody Customisation


Antibody Development


Antibody Post-development Services

Once your antibody is developed, many other services can be achieved to increase its performance and usefulness. Trust us your antibodies and make us your privileged partner for all your immunological applications.

Monoclonal antibody production


Antibody Purification


Antibody Fragmentation


Antibody Labelling


Additional Antibody-related Services

We also develop immunological applications for you! Our experience in antibody and peptide chemistry allow us to develop fully customised applications and provide associated advice according to your project.

Custom immunoassay development

Immunoassay Development

Plate Coating

Custom Plate Coating