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This form allows you to send us a request for the synthesis of specific peptides. Once validated, the information is transmitted to our sales department which will get back to you with our best price offer. In addition to the classic natural amino acids, we provide a wide range of unnatural residues as well as numerous chemical modifications you could need for your projects.

  • A - Alanine
  • C - Cysteine
  • D - Aspartate
  • E - Glutamate
  • F - Phenylalaline
  • G - Glycine
  • H - Histidine
  • I - Isoleucine
  • K - Lysine
  • L - Leucine
  • M - Methionine
  • N - Asparagine
  • P - Proline
  • Q - Glutamine
  • R - Arginine
  • S - Serine
  • T - Threonine
  • V - Valine
  • W - Tryptophan
  • Y - Tyrosine

Peptide information

Sequence *: 
NH2-terminus *:   Unmodified   Modified, please specify: 
COOH-terminus *:   Unmodified   Modified, please specify: 
Quantity (mg) *:  Aliquotes *:   No
 Yes, by tubes number:  tubes.
 Yes, by quantity per tube:  mg / tube.
Purity *: 
Number of residues *: 
Functional group addition: Unnatural amino acids:
e.g. Benzoyl group on residue #5 e.g. Proline #5 should be hydroxyproline
Structure modifications: Labelling:
e.g. disulphide bond between residues #5 and #18 e.g. residue #5 FITC-labelled

Details about your request

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