mTOR antibody

Serine/threonine-protein kinase mTOR
FK506-binding protein 12-rapamycin complex-associated protein 1
FKBP12-rapamycin complex-associated protein
Mammalian target of rapamycin, mTOR
Mechanistic target of rapamycin
Rapamycin and FKBP12 target 1
Rapamycin target protein 1
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Serine/threonine protein kinase which is a central regulator of cellular metabolism, growth and survival in response to hormones, growth factors, nutrients, energy and stress signals. MTOR directly or indirectly regulates the phosphorylation of at least 800 proteins. Functions as part of 2 structurally and functionally distinct signaling complexes mTORC1 and mTORC2 (mTOR complex 1 and 2). Activated mTORC1 up-regulates protein synthesis by phosphorylating key regulators of mRNA translation and ribosome synthesis. This includes phosphorylation of EIF4EBP1 and release of its inhibition toward the elongation initiation factor 4E (eiF4E)
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ID Covalab pab60223
Product type Primary antibodies
Clonality Polyclonal antibody
Isotype IgG
Raised in Rabbit
Immunogen Synthetic peptide representing a portion of the protein encoded in part by exons 5 and 6 (LocusLink ID 1981).
Activity cross reaction Reacts with human mTOR. Cross-reacts with mouse and rat protein.
Species Hu, Ms, Rat
Labelling None
Form Purified
Preservative NaN3 0.1%
Target mTOR
Uniprot ID P42345
Gene ID 2475
Applications IP
Working dilutions Optimal dilution should be determined by the end user.
The following are guidelines only :
IP 1-4 µg/mg lysate.
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