CD45 antibody [FITC]

Receptor-type tyrosine-protein phosphatase C
Leukocyte common antigen (L-CA)
PTPRC, B220, CD45, CD45R, Glycoprotein, GP180, LCA, Leucocyte common antigen LCA, LY5, T200 glycoprotein
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CD45 antibody [FITC]
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ID Covalab mab70014
Product type Primary antibodies
Clonality Monoclonal antibody
Isotype IgG2a
Raised in Mouse
Immunogen Human T lymphocytes.
Activity cross reaction Reacts with the human CD45 cell surface antigen, also known as the leucocyte common antigen (LCA). CD45 is a complex molecule existing in a number of isoforms.
Species Hu
Labelling FITC
Form Purified (protein G)
Preservative NaN3 0.09%
Storage instructions +4°C or -20°C, Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
Target CD45
Accession Number P08575
Applications FC, IHC - P
Working dilutions FC (1:1), IHC-P (1:50)
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