Peptide K5-[Biotin]

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Peptide K5-[Biotin]
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ID Covalab opr0043-Biot
Product type Peptides
Activity cross reaction Specific Keratinocyte Transglutaminase (TG1) activity measurement:
- in vitro : using opr0038 TG1-CovTest (as described in Perez et al 2009)
- in situ : as described in Sugimora Y. and al 2006
Labelling Biotin
Poids moléculaire 1744.03 g/mol
Preservative None
Storage instructions Short term storage : +4°C
Long term storage : -20°C
Working dilutions Solution : 0,1 % TFA in distilled water
Publication Sugimora Y. and al. Screening for the Preferred Substrate Sequence of Transglutaminase Using a Phage-displayed Peptide Library: identification of peptide substrates for tgase 2 and factor XIIIA. J Biol. Chem: 2006; 281, 17699-706.

Perez Alea M. and al. Development of an isoenzyme-specific colorimetric assay for tissue transglutaminase 2 cross-linking activity. Anal . Biochem., 2009; 289, 150-156.
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