Nε-(γ-L-glutamyl)-L-Lysine isopeptide antibody [Biotin]

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Nε-(γ-L-glutamyl)-L-Lysine isopeptide antibody [Biotin]
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ID Covalab opr0046
Product type Primary antibodies
Clonality Monoclonal antibody
Clone 81D4
Isotype IgM / Kappa
Raised in Mouse
Immunogen Nε-(γ-L-glutamyl)-L-Lysine isopeptide
Activity cross reaction Cross reacts in ELISA with N1,N4 bis (γPoly L-glutamyl) Putrescine and N1,N8 bis (γPoly L-glutamyl) Spermidine.
There is no cross reaction with :- protein bound Nε acetyl lysine
- protein bound N1 or N4 mono (γPoly L-glutamyl) Putrescine
- protein bound N1 mono (γPoly L-glutamyl) Spermidine
- protein bound Nε-(γ-L-glutamyl) lysine having a free alpha amine either on its glutamyl or lysyl moieties
Ability to fix complement : unknown
Labelling Biotin
Form Purified
Preservative Thiomersal 0.02%
Storage instructions Store at -20°C upon arrival.
Target Nε-(γ-L-glutamyl)-L-Lysine
Applications ELISA
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