Transglutaminase-2 ELISA kit

Protein-glutamine gamma-glutamyltransferase 2
Tissue transglutaminase
Transglutaminase C, TG(C), TGC, TGase C
Transglutaminase H, TGase H
Transglutaminase-2, TGase-2
Gene name: TGM2
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Transglutaminase-2 ELISA kit
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ID Covalab kit0001
Principe This kit is used to assay the Transglutaminase-2 in the sample of Human or guinea pig origin
Applications ELISA
Detection method Colorimetric
Labelling HRP
Activity cross reaction Detects human and guinea pig Transglutaminase-2
Species G pig, Hu
Sample type liver homogenate, RBC lysate, cell lysate
Assay range 15 ng/ml - 250 ng/ml
Assay type Sandwich ELISA
Assay duration 4h
Storage instructions 1 year (2-8℃)
Target Transglutaminase-2
Uniprot ID P21980
Gene ID 7052
Publication * Sivadó É et al. Amino Acids. 2016 Oct 19.
Product type Kits
Sensitivity 1.77 ng/ml
Description Coated ELISA plate
Standard diluent buffer
Washing concentrate
Standard solution
Detection Tgase-2 antibody
HRP-conjugated secondary antibody
TMB substrate
Stop solution
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