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Nε-(ϒ-L-glutamyl)-L-lysine isopeptide antibody (81D4)

isopeptide bond
Isopeptide bond are formed on lateral chains of proteins. Nε-(ϒ-L-glutamyl)-L-lysine isopeptide is generated after action of transglutaminase enzyme.

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Product Code mab0012-P
Clone 81D4
Immunogen Nε-(ϒ-L-glutamyl)-L-lysine isopeptide
Target Specificity Reacts with Ne (g-L-glutamyl)-L-lysine. Cross reacts in ELISA with N1,N4 bis (gPoly L-glutamyl) Putrescine and N1,N8 bis (gPoly L-glutamyl) Spermidine.
No cross reaction with : - protein bound Ne acetyl lysine
- protein bound N1 or N4 mono (gPoly L-glutamyl) Putrescine
- protein bound N1 mono (gPoly L-glutamyl) Spermidine
- protein bound Ne (g -L-glutamyl) lysine having a free alpha amine either on its glutamyl or lysyl moieties. Ability to fix complement : unknown
Name Nε-(ϒ-L-glutamyl)-L-lysine isopeptide
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Product type Primary antibodies
Clonality Monoclonal antibody
Isotype IgM / Kappa
Produced in Mouse
Species All Species
Labelling None
Appearance Lyophilized powder
Conc. / Activity 1 mg/ml
Form Purified
Constituents PO4 20 mM, NaCl 1M, sucrose 2%
Preservatives None
Recommendations Must be reconstituted in distilled water.
Storage Lyophilized powder stable for a minimum of 2 years at -20°C.
Store reconstituted antibodies at +4°C.
For extended periods store in aliquots at -20°C.
Antibodies are guaranteed for 6 month from date of receipt.
Applications Immunohistochemistry, Immunofluorescence, ELISA
Working dilutions Optimal dilution should be determined by the end user.
The following are guidelines only :
IHC (1:50 - 1:800)
Research areas Neurology,Transglutaminase
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IHC - Nε-(ϒ-L-glutamyl)-L-lysine isopeptide antibody (81D4)<br/>(mab0012-P)<br/>Anti-Nε-(ϒ-L-glutamyl)-L-lysine isopeptide antibody IHC staining of skin section. Antibody mab0012-P concentration 1 mg/ml

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